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Ages of Lulu

Ages of Lulu

Ages of Lulu, 1990, is an erotic-dramatic film by Bigas Luna, which tells the story of a girl who perverts herself by starting a relationship with a boy older than herself. It is based on the book, with the same name, by Almudena Grandes. One of the best erotic movies you can see the movie online.

On this occasion I bring you Ages of Lulu. First I’m going to data of the work, then I’ll talk about the plot, then the film and I’ll end up commenting on the book. Enjoy!


  • Original title: Las edades de LulúLas edades de Lulú
  • Age: 1990
  • Duration: 101 minutos
  • Country: España
  • Film director: Bigas Luna
  • Script: Almudena Grandes, Bigas Luna about Almudena Grandes’ novel
  • Casting: Francesca Neri, Óscar Ladoire, Javier Bardem, Fernando Guillén Cuervo, María Barranco, Pilar Bardem, Rosana Pastor, Juan Graell
  • Gender: Drama, erotic
  • Rating: 4,8 points

Argument from Ages of Lulu

From my point of view it’s a very good erotic film. As you progress through the plot you discover a 15-year-old submissive teenager, eager to find love. She falls madly in love with a friend of her brother. The boy, much older than her, accepts the challenge of breaking her innocence and inducing her into the sexual world, where Lulu is deeply attracted. Both begin a wild adventure, without limits, where time loses value. When the romance is broken, the perverted girl, already 30 years old, rushes alone over the dangerous game of desires… and sex.

The actors

Bigas Luna (director and scriptwriter of Son de mar, Bámbola, Jamón jamón and other pearls) has brought together a series of actors among which the following stand out: Lulú, the innocent girl, is Ainara Pérez when she was little and Francesca Neri when she was older. Pablo, his brother’s friend, is Óscar Ladoire. But Fernando Guilén Cuervo also appears as Marcelo, María Barranco as Ely, Rosana Pastor as Chelo and Javier Bardem as an active homosexual, among others.

Review of Ages of Lulu

Surely many of us, as young people, have recorded this film on VHS when Telecinco broadcasted it at the time. Although we have focused on the hot scenes, which are approaching but not porn, this film has a great storyline, as I explained before. Francesca Neri’s performance is simply stellar. She eclipses all the other positive details of the work. However, I have also found negative criticisms of the net, such as the fact that we are dealing with a mediocre adaptation, where the bad end of the novel is accentuated with cheap suspense and that at all times eroticism has priority over the plot, so few people end up understanding the end of the film (since it’s not just warming up). Adored by some, hated by others… The best thing is for you to see it and judge for yourselves.

Las edades de Lulú

The novel by Ages of Lulu

Almudena Grandes has written a very good erotic novel that can be read in one sitting. It is characterized by an explicit and open language. It shows excellently the premature sexual yearning of a teenager in full discovery of herself. However, the main criticism is based on the fact that 80% of the text is about sex, so it does not finish developing the story well and has a predictable end. I have also read opinions that consider that it can make us feel identified and makes us think about where to place the limits in our sexual relations. And above all, that the film does not do justice to this masterful work. I invite everyone who has enjoyed the film (or who enjoys watching it now) to read the book.

Curiosities of Ages of Lulu

Great 95-minute erotic movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, tonight can’t happen. It’s a classic of erotic cinema. Angela Molina was going to play Lulu, but she backed down when she saw the scenes with a high sexual content that she had to play. You will be able to see Lulu’s life from his adolescence until the age of 30. I’m sure you will repeat some scenes… I have nothing more to say.