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Erotic movies

Reviews and recommendations of erotic movies. These films are full of morbid scenes and some contain explicit sex. But they are conventional films, the kind that are usually broadcasted on television, not X-rated.

Eroticism in cinema

Erotica is a film genre that focuses on eroticism and human sexual behavior. From sex for love to the wildest sadism, through lust and promiscuity for pure pleasure. Erotic scenes in cinema have existed since the silent film era.

Many film actors of all genres, at some point in their careers, have at least shown parts of their bodies. With or without clothing, in a sexually provocative manner by today’s standards.

Some films that have high sexual content have been criticized by religious groups and/or banned by governments. Sexual scenes have been depicted in many film genres.

Best erotic film sagas

Here you will find the most famous erotic movie series. Whether through continuations or independent plots, these sagas happen over the years. You can also see the best erotic film sagas.

Best erotic films by theme

In this category we link all the lists of movies with sexual scenes from different genres of cinema. And if that’s not enough, I also invite you to discover the best erotic movies by theme:

Film genres

  • Romances: These are the most common films, since a romantic film can contain sexual scenes without also being classified as erotic. We include here seduction.
  • Comedies: Discover the eroticism fused with humor. To make more enjoyable those plays that excite and make you laugh in equal measure.
  • Thrillers: This is one of the most common erotic genres. It contains a mixture of sex and suspense.
  • Femmes fatales: There are also films where an erotic woman becomes a murderer. She is capable of killing serial killers with a coldness that chills the blood.
  • Vampires: For a time vampires and eroticism were closely linked. Vampires had a strange way of feeding on their victims… as if they were making love to them.
  • Nazi excesses: Cinema has often focused on recreating the Second World War or the charged atmosphere before it broke out. And they have also moved to the exotic side.

Types of sexual relations

  • Infidelity: A dramatic film where one of the characters is unfaithful to another. If the scenes show the act itself, then it is also likely to contain sexual scenes. Or can be considered good cinema.
  • Mystical sexuality: Sometimes it happens that sexual relations lead to a higher state of consciousness. It is where authentic pleasure is experienced. Sexual movies of this type could not be missing.
  • Sadomasochism: BDSM is the sexual act in which one person dominates another. It is shown with submission, bondage, beatings…. Of course this has been recreated a thousand times in the movies.
  • Prostitution: This dirty trade has also been recreated in movies. Sometimes showing more sex, sometimes less. But portraying women who make a living by offering their bodies.
  • Sex and food: In many movies these two concepts are mixed, playing with food to give a touch of morbidity. This was made fashionable in 9½ Weeks.
  • Sex and drugs: When a person is hooked, they will do anything to get their fix. Sometimes even sexual relations. And these movies reflect it perfectly.

Eroticism of the most exotic types…

  • Incest: This is one of the biggest sexual taboos. However, there are some directors capable of crossing the limits of what is morally correct.
  • Rape: Forced sex is one of the most morbid subjects. And, of course, it has also been exploited in erotic cinema.
  • Liberal Couples: We also have some films about open relationships that seek swinging, threesomes or infidelity is allowed.
  • Threesomes: Sexual relations between three people has always been one of the most common fantasies. And we can also see it in the movies.
  • Orgies: There are also films that focus on staging an orgy. Or have erotic scenes of an orgy, where an orgy occurs.
  • Interracial sex: There are many women who are excited to have sex with foreign men, especially if they are of color. And here are the movies where you can see this kind of relationships.
  • Fetishism: Sometimes sex is strange… but if we are talking about voyeurism, exhibitionism and much worse things.
  • Perversions: Of course there are many more themes, many of them taboo. We talk about liberal couples, couple exchanges, orgies, nymphomaniacs, pederasty, zoophilia… and other sexual paraphilias. Because there is everything in cinema. Here we include the most controversial eroticism.

Films about the condition of the protagonist

  • Virginity: There are some films that raise the level of sexuality by adding innocence or desire for sexual discovery.
  • Nymphomaniacs: We also have some women who are avid sex lovers. This happens in reality as well as in fiction, but in erotic fantasy you can explore the limits…

Age of characters

  • Teenagers: When the actors are young or play young characters. They can also be considered Teen. A variant is perverted girls from the movies.
  • Mature: One of the genres that is bursting on the Internet is the MILF. They are mature and desirable women mothers. And of course, they have always had their representations in erotic scenes. Especially with timeless sex icons.

Sexual orientation of the protagonists

  • Lesbians: The encounter of a woman with another woman is one of the most beautiful scenes that cinema can show. At least from the heterosexual viewer’s point of view.
  • Gays: Of course its opposite reflection also exists. In this case it is usually oriented to the homosexual collective.

There are many themes that can differentiate erotic films. Those that deal with romance, drama, infidelity, homosexuality… Each of them represents a different theme, always loaded with sexuality. Know all the erotic movies by theme.

Erotic movies by year

One of the best ways to locate an erotic movie is by the year it was released. In this section we have all the movies of the genre sorted by year. It is the list of erotica by years, find the one you are looking for!

Below you can see a list of eroticism by year. We will put the erotic films that have stood out year by year, from 1944 until now. If you like this genre I invite you to see the following list and the reviews we have made of the films. Click on the article of the decade to see all the erotic cinema of those years:

Erotic films by country

Erotic movies can be sorted by country. Each country has a different culture and reflects the art differently. Therefore, it is logical that films from one country may be more popular than those from another. These films are divided into three groups: American, European and Asian. All of them make up the top of the best.

Countries with a lesser projection in superproductions such as Mexico or Chile, have a great presence in erotic cinema. In the United States it is normal that there are good erotic scenes, since they have the largest number of conventional and quality works, but in terms of morbidity we prefer the sex offered by Spain, France or Italy to the world, since it is more natural and sophisticated.

Directores de cine erótico

  • Tinto Brass: He is the great director of Italian erotic cinema. He has directed films that are considered some of the best erotic films in the world.
  • Adrian Lyne: A great American director, who has directed erotic gems that no moviegoer should miss.
  • Bigas Luna: An excellent Spanish director, who has conceived great films that have gone down in the history of erotic cinema.
  • Lars von Trier: A true Danish artist, who has brought us the rarest jewels of world eroticism.
  • Russ Meyer: A 20th century director, who has brought us great classics of erotic cinema.
  • Jesús Franco: A Spanish director, author of more than 100 films, in which we find conventional cinema, eroticism and pornography.

Erotic film actors

  • Javier Bardem: The Spanish actor has no shame in showing himself naked in front of the camera. He did it before and after he became famous.
  • Antonio Banderas: The most famous Spanish actor of all times has starred in films with very racy scenes, such as ¡Átame! or Original Sin
  • Mickey Rourke: American actor, screenwriter and former boxer. A very well known face, with excellent scenes of high tone.
  • Jeremy Irons: He is the fashionable mature man in erotic movies. His most famous work: Lolita’s stepfather.
  • Michael Douglas: The two-time Oscar winner also has his spicy movies, with even spicier scenes.
  • Tom Cruise: He is one of the most famous international actors, and also has some very hot erotic scenes as in Eyes Wide Shut or Vanilla Sky.
  • Nicolas Cage: Although he has an extensive filmography, we cannot forget his torrid scenes in films such as Zandalee, Leaving Las Vegas or the grim 8 mm.

Erotic film actresses

  • Elizabeth Berkley: A very good looking blonde. The eroticism that surrounds her, dancing erotically, as in Showgirls, makes her unique.
  • Maribel Verdú: A Spanish actress who dared with everything. She was an icon of the 90’s. She is currently recognized as one of the great actresses of eroticism, due to the excellent movies she starred in: Y tu mamá también, Entre las piernas, Amantes…
  • Monica Bellucci: The Italian model has in her career great erotic films that have elevated her to the muse of Italy, such as Malèna. Now she is one of the most famous MILFs.
  • Sharon Stone: The protagonist of the mythical leg crossing in Basic Instinct, did some more sex scenes. She could not be missing here.
  • Scarlett Johansson: One of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses. She has some erotic scenes to remember. You have to see her fucking in the rain in Match Point.
  • Elena Anaya: An actress we met with Paz Vega in Lucía y el sexo, but who totally eclipsed her. We especially recommend Swung, about swinging couples.
  • Eva Green: She started her film career walking around naked in Dreamers. Since then we have always seen her erotic and sensual. Even more so when she had sex with her enemy in 300: Rise of an Empire. And her rounded tits have gone down in the history of erotic cinema.
  • Maria Pedraza: The young Spanish girl has already starred in scenes on the edge of eroticism as we can see in works such as Amar and in series such as La casa de papel, with that unforgettable lesbian kiss.