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Confessions of a married woman

Confessions of a married woman

I saw your photos… You know, I simply need to tell this confidence, not for others to know it, but because telling it makes me take distance. In a way, as if I were seeing myself, and it is even stronger what happened to me. These are the confessions of a married woman.

I am 45 years old, I am married to a very good man but in intimacy he has always been quick and I am not completely satisfied. As I think many of us do, when you want to start to enjoy, he is already turning his back on you and sleeping. That was eroding me for a long time.

The thing is that about two years ago the possibility of a trip with some colleagues from my work came up. My husband had no qualms about it and I really had no idea what was going to happen there either. The trip was to a seaside resort in Brazil. When we arrived we all felt a little more uninhibited and some of the girls at dinner talked about their experiences, but I… I had nothing to tell about confessions of a married woman. In a way I was envious that other people could have such exuberant intimacy that for me was a story and nothing more. The envy turned into the desire that something different could also happen to me, something that would really leave me satisfied and exhausted, even…

We scheduled an outing to a local disco. I felt such a strong desire… It happened that I instinctively looked for the company of the most serious person in the entourage. A woman who was fifty at the time. But the magic of the night won her over and thanks to her we got talking to some guys who looked about thirty. We talked and talked and still talked, and finally, each one of us with one of them, we started dancing. The others had completely disappeared, the place was quite big.

Out of my comfort zone

As the time passed, and the drinks took effect, I began to feel like I was on a cloud, as if I was living it from the outside, from far away… I felt accompanied and supported by this friend, but at a certain moment she made signs to me to leave. I followed them. In order not to get lost from the boy who was following them in front of me, I let myself hold their hand and did not let go.

The feeling was electrifying. When I left the place, although it wasn’t necessary, I kept walking hand in hand with the boy, who immediately put his arm around my shoulders and I put my arm around his waist. I felt exhilarated. My friend was walking ahead with the other boy, hand in hand. Still, in a haze, I could realize that we were not being taken to our hotel, but to an apartment building. We took the elevator up and entered a small but comfortable apartment, which I learned was rented by one of the guys. I remember looking into the bedroom, which had its door open, and there was a large bed.

Confesiones de una mujer casada

My friend had gone with the boy to the kitchen to prepare some drinks. My casual friend sat on the couch and I said, wait, I’m going to the kitchen to help. But when I walked in I saw that my friend didn’t need any help. She was on her tiptoes, kissing him on the mouth, clinging to him. I understood that my friend had deliberately gone looking for that opportunity, and in a moment I knew that not only was the same thing going to happen to me, but that I didn’t even have an excuse to avoid it… nor did I want it. Then, I came back, smiled at the boy and said: they are very busy. I sat down next to him, we heard a first sweet moan of acceptance in the kitchen and we started to kiss.

Was better than I thought

After that followed a feverish, searching moment. When we went to the bedroom, I was already half-naked, my friend was riding her man wildly. There was no way not to look at her. She was totally wet with her perspiration from the effort and the heat of the moment. She looked at me with narrowed eyes, and managed to whisper do it, do it. And damn did I do it. I suddenly brought out all the desire stored up for years, even without knowing it, offering myself in every possible position. When I realized, I was on all fours, like a bitch in heat, and my hair was the reins… I felt like I was spending a lot more time than I had ever spent making love to my husband. And the boy was thrashing against my backside as if he hadn’t fucked me in years.

My friend moaned and so did I. I wanted to make this man come, he seemed tireless…how could he control himself so much. My friend changed position and I felt her throbbing… I looked at her and saw her belly contracting up to her navel, rhythmically… her lover was enjoying it too. I pointed that out to mine, and then yes, I rammed my hips like a whore, against him, and I had a mind-blowing first orgasm. He felt it and enjoyed it too.

The other man came out of the bedroom, but this guy wanted more. He took me again ardently, and this time I enjoyed it almost immediately. Then, as was to be expected, he started on my friend…

Confesiones de una mujer casada

¿Back to normal?

After this strong experience everything seemed to go back to normal. Some of the other girls asked us how the dance had been at the end, how long it had lasted. We just made up a more accounting story.

But to come with those feelings in the air was too much for me. Soon I started looking for a man, or men, in my city. I knew very well what I wanted and I soon got it. After that I had several encounters with different men. In the first of them I gave myself totally, including that orifice that according to my husband could be damaged forever in a penetration. In other words, I asked an occasional lover to break it…. I don’t know if I caused a damaged or not, but the walls were vibrating with my moans…

My preferences are those who could repeat two or three times. In the end I stabilized with someone I’ve been with for about ten years, and he is an extraordinary lover. I am not interested in humiliating my husband, in fact, I don’t even talk about him to the others. To finish my confessions of a married woman, my current lover knows that I am married, but nothing else. Some others thought I was divorced, and some asked me to become a couple. That made me feel good, but of course, I didn’t agree.

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