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Erotic Films 2018

Erotic Films 2018

Like every year we make an article about erotic films from 2018. Although we must recognize that lately most of the films not catalogued as erotic contain very high pitch scenes. That’s why there are fewer sex-dominated films, and more that have winks to satisfy all audiences.

Fifty Shades Freed

Cincuenta sombras liberadas

We cannot begin this article without talking about the most famous erotic film of recent years. Fifty released shadows is the end of the Fifty Shades trilogy. Three dramatic and romantic films. In them a normal girl falls in love with a rich sadomasochistic businessman. Of course there will be a conflict between the two and some very hot scenes where Dakota Johnson (Anastasia) is shown. It is the most famous of the erotic films of 2018.

Las hijas del fuego

Las hijas del fuego

This is an Argentine film by Albertina Carri, catalogued as Road Movie. It tells a dramatic story loaded with explicit sex, in a world where the sexuality of the protagonists stands out. There are scenes of homosexual sex, but always developed inside a car. The best of the erotic films of 2018.

Red Sparrow

Gorrión rojo

This is the first movie on the list that doesn’t have the erotic genre. However, it has some erotic scenes that are worth seeing, and that’s why we include it here. The main character is Jennifer Lawrence, a young woman forced to become a seductive spy for the Russian security service. She will learn to use the power of sexuality and her own body as a weapon. But she will still try to maintain her identity. It contains scenes of eroticism dirty, cold and charged with tension. The protagonist uses sex to achieve her goals.

The Shape of Water

Masturbación La forma del agua

Another film not considered erotic, but with a lot of eroticism. In fact, the upper image corresponds to one of the first scenes. And the sexual vortex doesn’t end there, because anything serves as an excuse for Guillermo del Tora to undress and pervert Elisa (Sally Hawkins). He even immerses her in a “zoophilic” relationship with a monster half human, half fish. But we also have masturbation, infidelity, sexual abuse… That’s why we didn’t see her in many cinemas. Even if it doesn’t have the label, it’s one of the best erotic films of 2018.


Sexo lésbico en Disobedience

An old man dies in a small town. Then his daughter returns to attend the funeral and collect her inheritance. But a lesbian relationship is discovered with another married woman. A woman who is married to a rabbi and is pregnant. But the spark of passion between the two women will re-emerge. They even have sex in one of the big erotic scenes of 2018.


Una relación abierta

This is a very spicy comedy. A life-long couple decides to have an open relationship in order to experience sexually everything they haven’t been able to discover together. This way they will see if they are really right for each other. As you can see, scenes of sporadic sex, lovers… and arguments are waiting for you.



Reinos is a Chilean film that premiered in 2016, but has not reached Spain until the end of 2018. In it we see the asymmetrical relationship between two teenage students. He wants her as a couple, while she only seeks to satisfy his sexual desires.

Extra: Desearás al novio de tu hermana

Desearás al novio de tu hermana

It’s an Argentine film that was released at the end of 2017. It doesn’t appear in the 2017 Erotic Films article, and that’s why we’ve included it here. We have a dramatic thriller loaded with a lot of sexuality. Two sisters experience sex and relationships very differently. One will be the innocent and the other… a nymphomaniac? But maybe nothing is what it seems. There will be infidelity, interracial, lesbian, teen sex, trios and all sorts of sexual taboos.