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Erotic movies of the 90’s

Erotic movies of the 90's

If you like erotic movies, I would like to invite you to get to know all the erotic movies that have been published, year by year. For this reason, in this article we have included links to the publications of all the Erotic movies of the 90’s. I invite you to access the linked articles to see the reviews of the erotic movies from this decade.

Among the erotic movies of the 90’s we find cinema classics such as Henry and June, Basic Instinct or Bitter Moon. Let’s make a year by year review of the best eroticism of that decade. These are old erotic movies, with eroticism that is no longer made today.

The first adaptation of Anaïs Nin

In 1990, interesting films were released, such as The Ages of Lulu, Bigas Luna‘s perversion. The film starred a very young Francesca Neri. The same year Henry and June, the intimate diary of Anaïs Nin, was also released. Adaptation of the writer’s erotic novel. By the way, she had a passionate sex life with Henry Miller. Film starring Maria de Medeiros and Uma Thurman. We could also see Nicolas Cage in Zandalee. Pedro Almodóvar also joined the erotic fever, with his fantastic Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!, starring Victoria Abril and Antonio Banderas. And to finish the review of the year we talk about Wild Orchid, with the star of 9 1/2 weeks, Mickey Rourke.

Henry y June

Erotic movies of the 90’s includes a very sensual Spanish threesome

A year later we saw the beginning of the Sex and Zen saga, bringing Asian eroticism. That year Tinto Brass presented his famous film Paprika. These are great erotic films of the 90s. We also discovered the wonderful Lovers, by Vicente Aranda and with an explosive trio: Jorge Sanz, Victoria Abril and Maribel Verdú. Another discovery was Hermosillo’s experimental Mexican cinema, in Homework. And the daring production El caso Laura, which depicts a gang of pornographers drugging and raping girls to sell their videos on the Internet. These are the best erotic films of the 90s.


Discovering Penelope Cruz and Sharon Stone

In 1992 appeared The Lover, with interracial sex and age difference. With Basic Instinct we discovered Sharon Stone‘s exciting leg crossing. Even better was Bitter Moon, with that liberal couple composed by a paralytic and a beautiful Emmanuelle Seigner. But back to Spanish cinema, we have for the first time Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem enjoying their bodies together in another piece of work by Bigas Luna. This year he also started the Poison Ivy saga, one of the best erotic femme fatale movies. And do not forget the heartbreaking Damage, one of the best French erotic films, with Jeremy Irons and Juliette Binoche.

Instinto básico

Robert Redford’s Indecent Proposal

In 1993 Sharon Stone returned with Sliver. We then saw another great Mexican piece, Unfaithtful Women. We also discovered Robert Redford’s indecent proposal to Demi Moore, in Adrian Lyne‘s film. And Javier Bardem returned to eroticism with his Golden Balls, in which he forms a love triangle with Maribel Verdú and María de Medeiros. The latter is the one who plays Anaïs Nin in Henry and June. Another of the best erotic films of the 90s.

Una proposición indecente

Tinto Brass and Bigas Luna erotic movies of the 90’s

In 1994 we saw Ana Belén in Turkish Passion, another interracial drama. Then we saw Demi Moore again in that exceptional scene in Disclosure. Bigas Luna returned with The Tit and the Moon. In Color of  Night, Bruce Willis appears in very hot scenes. Tinto Brass also returned with The Voyeur. A film that has exhibitionism and voyeurism, as well as a beautiful woman’s relationship with an elderly man. And The Last Seduction, with the brunette Linda Fiorentino.

El hombre que mira

Sensual dancing and teen sex

In 1995 we enjoyed the passionate dancing of Elisabeth Becker in Showgirls. There were also excellent erotic thrillers, as Victim of Desire. We discovered teen sex in Kids. And we were amazed by the second adaptation of Anaïs Nin’s novels, Delta of Venus. We especially liked this second adaptation, for conveying that desire could overcome danger. It is not one of the best-known erotic films of the 90s, but we consider it very worthwhile.


Lesbics and those strange pleasures

In 1996 we saw the sensuality of two women, in the impressive lesbian scenes of Bound. We discovered the strange pleasures of having traffic accidents in Crash. We saw Valle’s partner, Eva Santolaria, about to marry a Moroccan. She is Susanna and is reunited with a old lover. That year we also saw the second part of Sex and Zen. Bigas Luna brought the unhealthy relationship of Valeria Marina and a very dangerous ex-prisoner. Demi Moore showed her sensuality again, in Striptease. And then came the love story of Kama Sutra.

Lazos ardientes

The second adaptation of Lolita cannot be out of the erotic movies of the 90’s

In 1997 Vicente Aranda delivered his most perverted film: The Naked Eye. In this film Laura Morante is a woman with an insatiable sexual appetite, who even enjoys a rape. It is not one of the most perverted erotic films of the 90’s, there are many more. You just have to watch the next one on the list. How can we forget that perverted girl from Lolita, played by Dominique Swain and adapted for the second time by Adrian Lyne. We could also enjoy the sensuality of Jennifer Lopez with Sean Penn in U Turn. And then came the disappointing sequel to 9 1/2 weeks.


A drunk and a whore in Las Vegas

In 1998 we were impressed by the plot twists, money lust and threesomes in Wild Things. That same year we saw sex without feelings in L’ennui. We can’t forget that destructive relationship in Leaving Las Vegas. We have the drunk man who wants to drink until he dies, Nicolas Cage, and the whore who can’t stop being a whore, Elisabeth Shue. And in Losing Control there’s another thriller with romance. A good list of erotic 90’s movies to satisfy all tastes.

Leaving Las Vegas

Stanley Kubrick’s last film

In 1999 Stanley Kubrick released his last film: Eyes Wide Shut. With Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Javier Bardem returned with several hot scenes, alongside Victoria Abril. You can see them in the Spanish movie Between Your Legs. The most famous porn actor, Rocco Siffredi, appeared in mainstream cinema, with Romance X. In Cruel Intentions we saw two stepbrothers in dangerous sex games. She is Sarah Michelle Gellar, the one from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We also discovered the best of Tinto Brass with his most daring tales. There’s a little bit of everything. The sadomasochism of Deceptions. The dirty infidelity in The Butcher. And so much more. We also have porn movies from the 90’s.

Eyes Wide Shut

If you liked our list of erotic movies of the 90s published on the web, I invite you to share it on social media. Also, if we have left out any movie, you can also leave in the comments your suggestions. I promise we will take it under consideration and, if we can watch it, we will review it right away. We want to analyze all the erotic movies out there. Have we left out any of the best 90’s erotic movies or porn? Leave your opinion in the comments.