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Infidelity with stepfather

Infidelity with stepfather

LHi I’m Jose, I’m 33 years old and at the age of 26 I married a woman a year and a half older than me. She is a little thin, with small breasts, but she is very slim and let me tell you that she has a beautiful and fleshy vagina. I am going to tell you an experience I lived in first person: Infidelity with the stepfather.

It turns out that in the first years of our marriage everything was beautiful. We loved to do everything in bed, from oral vaginal and even anal sex. After two years of marriage our son was born. After that she changed completely with me in intimacy. Nothing was the same anymore. She no longer liked to do everything we did before. Only vaginal penetration was the same. But we repeated the same positions: she went down and rarely came on top of me.

I sometimes work at night and she didn’t arrive until the next day in the morning. Sometimes when I wanted to make love to her she would tell me that she was in bad health, that she was in pain or other things. Whenever I told her that I wanted to make love to her in the ass she always said no because it hurt too much and she didn’t like it anymore. If I kept insisting she would tell me that we weren’t doing anything and she would turn her back on me.

One day I arrived earlier than usual because I had a doctor’s appointment and apparently she had forgotten about it. It turns out that when I opened the door of the house I noticed that it was messy and so I didn’t want to make any noise. I walked to my room and suddenly I heard voices, noises and moans. Everything was so strange. I looked out of a small window in my room and the blinds were open. Then I was surprised at what I saw.

A man was in my room naked. He was kind of fat with a bit of a belly. His figure looked familiar. He was standing at the edge of my bed and my wife was lying the same way. She had her legs on his shoulders. He was fucking my wife, while she was moaning. She was moaning, talking between cuts, saying that she felt a pleasure she never imagined. That she was enjoying herself. Then I heard that my wife had an infidelity with the stepfather.

He told her to be quiet, don’t talk too much, don’t complain too much, they will hear us. And she told him, she couldn’t do it. She kept saying how much she liked that fuck, and how well Manuel was doing it to her. He said that her vagina was also nice, like her mother’s. But this one is younger, more juicy. But this one is younger, juicier, I love your vagina. The most horrible thing is that this man sometimes preached the word of God while he was doing it.

During the infidelity with stepfather I heard from him that he always wanted to fuck her since she was younger, but never got the chance. So this time he couldn’t waste it. And she replied that he had gotten it by blackmailing her, but he really didn’t like her physically. Although now that he was doing it he was really enjoying it. That she was loving the way he was fucking her. And that she should keep on giving it to him, that he should not stop. So they continued fucking while I watched in amazement.

I was dying of rage. I wanted to go in and make them realize that I had discovered them. But I held back and let them finish. I wanted to see how far they were capable of going. He put her on all fours on her side, with her legs over his shoulder again and she climbed on top of him. They switched positions like that. Then he asked her to suck him off and she said no. She wouldn’t even blow me. She wouldn’t even blow me anymore. It was one of the things she didn’t like to do anymore. Then he blackmailed her again, that her mother would find out everything. Then he couldn’t put up any more resistance and started sucking her off. He babbled about how good he sucks it. And that he didn’t know how I didn’t enjoy such rich blowjobs.

She didn’t think he had that gift of sucking so rich. He asked her to tell him how much she likes his cock and that she loves to suck it. Then she surprised me by saying yes, it was nice. She put it all in, pulled it out and jerked it off. She would put it back in later. He told her to get on top that she also had the right to feel the pleasure of oral sex and they started to do 69. She moaned and moaned. She enjoyed, screamed and slightly closed her eyes saying how much she liked it.

Then he told her to get on again and she wanted to put his penis in her vagina. He told her no, that he wanted to try for the first time to taste a tight little ass like the one she had. She told him no, she would never do that because it hurt and that’s why she wouldn’t let me do it. She insisted that he do it to her from the front. Then he told her to shut up and that he could do whatever he wanted with her. He pulled her to the side and put her on the edge of the bed. Then he asked her to grab her legs and spread herself open. He placed a pillow on her buttocks to pull her up a little higher. Then he licked his cock and started to put it in her ass.

She kept telling him no, not to do it, she even asked him please. She begged him not to put it in her ass, not to do that to her. I even saw her crying. He didn’t listen and started to push. She closed her eyes and she let go of his legs. She gripped the sheets tightly as she felt what was going in until it was all in. It wasn’t a big penis but it was a good thickness. She left it there for a while to get used to it. He told her how nice her ass was. And what was I missing. During that strange infidelity with her stepfather she was crying, biting her lips from the pain.

Infidelidad con el padrastro

Little by little he slowly pulled it in and out. She told him that it hurt to take it out. He laughed and told her that I didn’t even touch her there. So don’t worry, I won’t notice this. That’s what he was telling her, not knowing that I was watching the whole thing. Tears came to my eyes. I felt like killing them both, but I didn’t do it for my son.

Little by little the onslaught on my wife’s ass got stronger and stronger. Apparently the pain went away because she started moaning with pleasure. He kept telling her that he was liking it, that he didn’t know why she was moaning so much. That she hadn’t felt that sensation of pleasure for years. She had several orgasms, as I know when she has an orgasm by the gestures she makes.

When they finished he got dressed and told her that everything was delicious. He told her not to worry about her mother that he wasn’t going to tell her anything. Nobody was going to find out anything either. I hid in my son’s room, who was still asleep. After that I heard the door open and close. I thought a lot about what I had seen. What was I going to do now?

In a few minutes I pretended I had just entered the house. I slammed the door shut. When I entered the room she was not in bed, but in the bathroom. I spoke to her and she yelled out that she was taking a bath. When she came out I told her why she was taking a bath so early and why she was nervous. She said there was nothing wrong with her, she just wanted to wash. That she was talking like that because she was nervous because of the cold bath she had been given.

In my mind I was saying damn bitch, what a liar you are. So I sat her on the bed and told her I had seen everything. She got scared and tried to assure me that it was my imagination. I told her I had seen how she had infidelity with the stepfather, that I had seen it all. How could she do that to me. She began to cry, to ask me for forgiveness and told me that she had done it for her mother. That she had done everything for her, to help her, to save her, and she confessed something else: that she had saved herself for me. Then I parted from her. Then she insisted that I come back. I told her no. She insisted. And we parted.

From time to time I come home to see my son and I meet the stepfather many times. She doesn’t say anything. She just looks down. So I grab my son and take him for a walk. Surely when they are left alone they continue to fuck. But she begs me to come back. I want to know what you readers advise me. what do I do? Would it be fair for me to go back to her and be living with her like this. I think she is still having infidelity with the stepfather to save her mother. So, I am waiting for your advice. I love her but I don’t know what to do.