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Kim Kardashian’s intimate video

Kim Kardashian's intimate video

Much has been said about the stars, which reveal private details of your life. This time we’ll tell you what you don’t know about Kim Kardashian’s intimate video, or Kimberly. We discover their most intimate secrets.

Kim Kardashian’s intimate video: The reason for your fame

The fame of celebrities, has had an important boom in recent times. And this is due to social networks. Thanks to the Internet, more and more stars are showing off their private lives. In general, it is already common to observe almost everything. But when it comes to sexual issues, things get hotter, and visits multiply in an instant. This is the case with the publication of Kim Kardashian’s intimate video.

It is also, known as a leak, was uploaded to the web in 2007 and so famous has it been, that in 2017 it celebrates its tenth anniversary. In the video, you can see the famous one, having sex with Ray J, her partner at the time. It is said that the same actor was in charge of disseminating the intimate video of Kim Kardashian and himself.

The truth is, for better or worse. Kim Kardashian’s intimate video was the leverage that managed to position the exuberant California brunette in a short time. Certainly, Kim has excellent business skills. But no one can deny that the video also shows her eroticism.

Kim Kardashian's intimate video

What you see in Kim Kardashian porn

Today, Kim Kardashian’s intimate video can be seen on almost any pornographic site. It has millions of views, with comments questioning it and others flattering it. The truth is that this girl’s sensuality is shown even more with this homemade production.

It’s no secret that this brunette brings them with her exuberant body, and a stunning look. But after the diffusion of this tape, it has been considered as a sex symbol, for its followers. Especially for those who love pornographic works.

In short, the spiciest details about Kim Kardashian’s intimate video:

  • The sex scene was filmed in a hotel in Mexico.
  • The sex tape was made during a vacation, in celebration of her 23rd birthday.
  • The idea to record himself having sex came from his then partner, actor Ray J.
  • At the time of the video’s release, Kimberly was in Australia.
  • The publication of the pornographic film was the sensation of the year 2007.
  • The tape was called Kim K Superstar.
  • A lawsuit was filed for the release of the video. However, the beautiful Kimberly settled for $5 million.
  • The fame of its publication had such an effect that today the celebrity has one of the highest monetary incomes.

The push that gaveKim Kardashian’s intimate video

The fame of the beautiful Kim was considerably influenced by this hot publication. Many visitors can be seen on the tape. Her rise was such that today Kimberly has her own television show called Keeping up With the Kardashians.

It could be said, that perhaps it was flattering in a way, that a video with intimate aspects of this celebrity was snuck in. Well, it’s an excellent marketing technique, to increase followers.

The private life of celebrities and their way of gaining fame

Nowadays, it is common to access the private life of some famous person. Just by checking their social networks, you can find out what they did during the day, their favorite look, or family gatherings. The accessibility of celebrities has allowed the increase of their fans.

Perhaps the stars have discovered that their followers love to know that they are as ordinary as they are. Thanks to social networks, it’s possible to find the odd spicy detail in the lives of celebrities. Such is the case with one of the most popular videos on the Web, that of Kim Kardashian. In the following link you can see it online: