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Movies with sex

Movies with sex

We bring you a series of movies with sex that will make you have a great time. Not always movies that have explicit sex are porn movies, they can also be erotic movies with erotic scenes and hentai movies, which is about adult animation. Anyway, enjoy a good set of movies that we propose to you.

Artistic sex movies: Erotic

Eroticism is a genre of cinema that depicts sexuality and human sexual behavior, including love scenes. Sensuality and eroticism in cinema has been around since the days of silent films. All film genres have shown at least parts of bodies with or without clothes, in a sexually provocative manner by today’s standards. In this way we can find eroticism in conventional movies like Black Swan, o eróticas como 9 1/2 weeks. To differentiate them use our levels of eroticism.

Vulgar sex movies: Porn

Porn cinema, also called adult cinema, is a cinema in which the sexual act is shown explicitly and with full nudity. The purpose is to arouse the viewer. The United States is the world’s leading producer of pornography. In 2005, the porn industry’s turnover exceeded that of the traditional film industry. The best porn movie in history is Deep Throat.

Animated sex movies: Hentai

The name hentai refers to the genre of manga and anime with pornographic content. The type of sexual activity and characters involved also vary and are subject to very few restrictions, as they are fantasy characters. H is a classification used in Japan to refer to any sexual content or activity. Therefore the H in Hentai refers to a manga or anime with sexual content.

Short films with sex: Erotic short films

Erotic shorts are short films, usually presented at film festivals. They are usually directed by new directors, who want to stand out and don’t have the budget for a conventional film. But there are also some high-budget erotic shorts like L’Agent. The actors who appear, as well as the directors, are usually unknown. Always discounting the exceptions, as in the short film by Marta Hazas,  3,2 Lo que hacen las novias.