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Nymphomaniac. Volume 2

Nymphomaniac. Volume 2

Let’s talk about Nymphomaniac. Volume 2 the second film after Nymphomaniac. Volume 1, directed by Lars von Trier. This second part is not a second independent story, but the continuation of the life of the nymphomaniac, interpreted by Stacy Martin and Charlotte Gainsbourg.


  • Nymphomaniac. Volumen 2Title: Nymphomaniac – Volume II
  • Year: 2013
  • Length: 124 minutes
  • Country: Dinamark
  • Director: Lars von Trier
  • Cast: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgård, Shia LaBeouf, Willem Dafoe, Jamie Bell, Connie Nielsen, Christian Slater, Mia Goth, Jesper Christensen, Jean-Marc Barr, Caroline Goodall, Kate Ashfield, Saskia Reeves, Stacy Martin, Jens Albinus, Omar Shargawi, Severin von Hoensbroech
  • Genre: Drama – Erotic
  • Rating: 6,6 puntos

Argument by Nymphomaniac. Volume 2

Nymphomaniac. Volume 2 is the second part of the story of a nymphomaniac. It continues from the end of Nymphomaniac. Volume 1, just after Joe (Stacy Martin) meets Jerôme (Shia LaBeouf) and returns to happiness, with the secret ingredient of sex: love. However, the protagonist stops feeling. That’s how the second part begins. It’s another 2 hours. Although the original extract has about 5 and a half hours. Only available for some cultural events.

My opinion on Nymphomaniac. Volume 2

From my point of view, Nymphomaniac. Volume 2 does not surpass its predecessor, however it is still interesting to see. I think that a good erotic film should tell a lot of anecdotes, as it could happen in real life. Not 3+5, or 5+3, if we consider the order of the volumes. They are few anecdotes, but some of them are very good. I understand that the best of them are in the first volume, but the end is the more surprising. So I think it doesn’t matter if you’ve seen a boring chapter.

Nymphomaniac. Volumen 2

The critique of Nymphomaniac. Volume 2

When it comes to assessing Nymphomaniac. Volume 2 is impossible to take individually, knowing that in addition to the first volume, we have extracted 90 minutes of the original footage. Even so, it concludes the work. In this film Joe ceases to be a young woman (Stacy Martin) to reach maturity (Charlotte Gainsbourg). The first film is fresh, with an energetic and original staging. The second, on the other hand, has a cold and disturbing atmosphere. The story enters its darkest stage.

Nymphomaniac. Volumen 2

Nymphomaniac. Volume 2 is an erotic film and with sadomasochistic scenes are quite soft, leaving all the protagonism to the twisted story, very well told despite the leaps in time. Lars von Trier deceives the viewer into believing that there is a ray of hope in his macabre story. But for anyone who thought it was a different work, it follows the same paths as his previous ones: Antichrist and Melancholy. He has even contributed shameless winks, in an exercise of egocentrism, which many will confuse with genius.