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Real sex scenes in the movies

Real sex scenes in the movies

We are talking about real sex scenes in the movies. They are non-pornographic movies, but during the filming the actors had sex. These erotic scenes are from famous movies. Some of them shocked. Discover more in movies with real sex.

By the way, the image above is from the movie Wild Orchid. The two people in the image are Mickey Rourke and Jacqueline Bisset. It is not one of the real sex scenes in the movies, but from what we can see, it lacks little.

Are there real sex scenes in mainstream cinema?

Of course they do, and more and more. Movies have more erotic scenes than ever. Many of them are not even considered erotic, just commercial cinema. When shooting these scenes, sometimes directors choose to shoot real sex to convey more realism. Other times they insert pornography into the conventional film, as happened in Caligula. That is why every year we see less erotic films and more eroticism in the cinema. A clear example of this is Eva Green‘s famous erotic scene in 300: Rise of an Empire.

10. Polysexual club in Shortbus

One of the most daring erotic films. In it we discover a polysexual club, where couples have threesomes and orgies. There will be sexual therapies that will try to solve problems related to sex and personal insecurities. All this sexual maelstrom is performed by actors who act in all the scenes, including the sex scenes. It is no wonder that many of these real sex scenes in the movies will go down in history as the most remembered.

9. Explicit and real sex in Antichrist

Real sex scenes in the movies: Anticristo

Lars von Trier is one of those directors who makes auteur films and dares with everything. This time we are talking about a dark, horror film, which does not lack explicit and real sex. The actors are Charlotte Gainsbourg (who never fails in his casts) and Willem Dafoe. But they were not the ones who did the sex scenes, they were doubles. Horror and morbidity will merge in several brutal sexual encounters, especially the one in the video above.

8. Real sex confirmed in Don’t Look Now

Amenaza en la sombra

It is a 1973 film in which there is a scene that had a lot of controversy, about whether it was real sex or not. For years the doubt was there, until Julie Christie declared that it was real. The other actor was the famous Donald Sutherland, who looks very dedicated. Both actors shot one of the most remembered erotic scenes in cinema.

7. The improvisation of 9 songs

9 canciones

It is a film that was shot on the spur of the moment. A video camera witnessed the relationship between two people, interspersed with scenes from the concert where they met. These scenes are completely real and show the intimate life of a couple. Kieran O’Brien and Margo Stilley are the actors who agreed to shoot real sex scenes in mainstream cinema.

6. Explicit oral sex in Con el diablo en el cuerpo

El diablo en el cuerpo

A film that stands out, as you can see, for its explicit oral sex scene. Exactly the same happens in The Brown Bunny. They are movies that became famous for the scandal of these scenes. Their movie actors agreed to be part of this sexual spectacle. To this day they are remembered for those real sex scenes in the movies, in this case oral sex.

5. Censorship of The realm of the senses

El imperio de los sentidos

It is a Japanese film, which was censored in its country of origin. During its first years it survived as French. It was presented at the Cannes Film Festival in 1976 with the false nationality. A man with an insatiable sexual appetite teams up with a former prostitute to push the limits of the senses. It contains famous scenes of real sex on film.

4. Explicit sex scenes and ejaculation in Love

Love de 2015

A movie that was classified as pornographic and it is not for less. All its hot scenes are pornography. Besides, it was broadcasted in 3D, so there is no doubt about the explicitness of the sex. The strongest scene is the ejaculation on camera. A sexual aberration that you cannot miss.

3. Public masturbation and lots of sex in Lie With Me

Lie With Me

Among the many erotic scenes in this movie, there are some very morbid ones. But all of them were real between the protagonists: Lauren Lee Smith and Eric Balfour. One of them the actress masturbates in a public park. One of the best non-porn movies with real sex.

2. Real pornography in Nymphomaniac

Nymphomaniac. Volumen 1

In this film there are explicit sex scenes. However, they were sold as fake. Lars von Trier, the controversial Danish director, explained that he recorded pornographic scenes with porn actors and then inserted the faces of the protagonists on them. We are talking specifically about the most explicit scene between Shia Labeouf and Stacy Martin. However recently Labeouf assured that they were real. Therefore Nymphomaniac is one of the movies that contain real sex scenes in the cinema.

1. Actual rape in Last tango in Paris

Real sex scenes in the movies: El último tango en París

Marlon Brando raped Maria Schneider in Bernardo Bertolucci’s film. The director did not warn the actress that butter would be used in that scene. Recall that butter is used as a lubricant in that scene. It brought controversy in 2012, when an interview was conducted and confirmed.