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Series and films with erotic scenes from 2019

One more year, and as always, there are scenes that are a little bit more up-tempo. These are the series and films with erotic scenes from 2019. This year we have a good erotic catalogue, especially of series. Let’s discover the eroticism of the year. You can also watch the erotic movies of 2018.

Sex Education

Sex Education

We saw the first of the erotic scenes of 2019 in a series of Netflix. We’re looking at a group of teenagers who are starting to discover their sexuality. The protagonist’s mother is a sexologist, Gillian Anderson (Dana Scully in The X-Files). And the young people with the revolutionized hormones will mount a sexual consultation.

The erotic scene at Polar

Series and films with erotic scenes from 2019

Polar is one of those movies that came out in the theater and a lot of people went to see it. It’s about a former murderer who his former group wants to kill in order not to pay him compensation. A somewhat surreal story, but one that entertains a lot. Even more so when we see some high-voltage scenes between murder and assassination. They fuck to distract… it’s brutal.

Arya’s erotic scene in Game of Thrones

La escena erótica de Arya en Juego de Tronos

Game of Thrones is a sex-laden series. This year was ending and everyone was looking at how all of HBO would work out. There was a hot scene, which was going to revolutionize all of us. It was by Arya (Maisie Williams). She is the girl we have seen grow up, and before the night of the end of the world she decides to sleep with the boy who makes her eyes.

Instinto (the Spanish series)

Series and films with erotic scenes from 2019

Another very popular series, but which has started this year, is Instinto de Movistar. Starring Mario Casas, we have a social drama, with similarities to Fifty Shades of Grey. The millionaire businessman will have to deal with strong anxiety, which he can only overcome by participating in orgies and sadomasochistic sessions.

Erotic scenes from Secretos de estado (the Spanish series)

Series y películas con escenas eróticas de 2019

This is a series that deals with political corruption. But it all starts with the prime minister being unfaithful to his wife with his chief of staff. Eroticism will remain present in the series, as his wife is also very sensual and his daughter has her hormones turned upside down. It’s another of the series and films with erotic scenes from 2019.

Virtual sex in Black Mirror

Series and films with erotic scenes from 2019

Netflix has also been present in the series that we have followed during 2019. No one expected this dark series, which mixes technology and future, to mix sex as well. But that’s how it was in the first chapter of the fifth season. They propose that virtual reality will be so real, that even the characters will be able to fuck each other and feel all the pleasure, as if they were having real sex. These are the series and films with erotic scenes from 2019.