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The best erotic lesbian movies

The best erotic lesbian movies

The best erotic lesbian movies is a ranking with movies with a strong sexual charge and with good sex scenes between women. Let’s know which movies meet these two conditions. First we start with less sex and then with more sex!

By the way, the image above belongs to the first film on the list. It is a work of art because of the complexity of its plot, its plot twists and the explicitness of its erotic scenes between women. I haven’t seen anything better in lesbian erotic cinema.

Hello friends. Once again I’m here posting an article with erotic content. This time I am going to focus on the best lesbian movies. Some of these movies are well known like Blue Is the Warmest Colour, but others not so much like High Art. They are good erotic lesbian movies.

Ranking of the best movies about lesbians

  • La vida de Adele

    1. Blue Is the Warmest Colour

    2013 French film based on the novel by Julie Maroh. It tells the story of a young girl who does not feel identified with teenagers of her age and will try to find her sexuality. The best erotic lesbian movie.

  • La vida de Adele

    2. Heavenly Creatures

    New Zealand film directed by Peter Jackson and starring Kate Winslet and Melanie Lynskey. Two classmates become so close that they create an immaginary world full of fantasy. One of the great lesbian erotic films.

  • Fucking Amal

    3. Show Me Love

    Swedish film which tells the story of two high school students in a village in Amal. One is popular and outgoing, while the other is shy and reserved, but they will become inseparable. Good erotic lesbian film.

  • Boys Don't Cry

    4. Boys Don’t Cry

    American-made film based in deep America directed by Kimberly Peirce and starring Hilary Swank. A woman has always felt like a man and one day she decides to be one. Another one of the good erotic lesbian movies.

  • Diario de un escándalo

    5. Notes on a Scandal

    A teacher meets another art teacher, whom she adores. However, she discovers that her soul mate, who is married, has a forbidden relationship with one of her students. It is another one of the best lesbian movies.

  • El último suspiro

    6. Lost and Delirious

    A girl arrives at a boarding school and soon gets involved with two girls. They soon become best friends, but the girl is overwhelmed by the intensity of the relationship.

  • I Cant's Think Straight

    7. I Can’t Think Straight

    A Palestinian woman in London and a British woman meet and fall in love. But the British woman is about to get married and does not feel able to make her homosexual feelings public.

  • High Art

    8. High Art

    A young woman working for a magazine meets a photographer who was very successful in the past. She decides that she has to publish in her magazine again and to do so, she gets involved in a personal relationship…

  • Rosas rojas

    9. Imagine Me & You

    A girl who is getting married meets the person she would like to spend the rest of her life with. It’s not her fiancé, not a lover, but the girl who is in charge of the flowers at her wedding ceremony.

  • With Every Hearbeat

    10. With Every Hearbeat

    Mia and Frida, both in their thirties, meet when Mia’s father and Frida’s mother are getting married and celebrate their engagement party. A special relationship is born between them.


Other good erotic movies about lesbians

  • Cuando cae la noche

    When Night is Falling

    A university professor, married and Christian, will meet a young woman to whom she will feel attracted. Then her values and her perception of the world will change, to give way to the forbidden and the strongest feeling.

  • Concussion


    A woman realizes that she can’t go on like this, that her life can’t always be about taking care of her house and her children. So she decides to become a different woman: Eleonor.

  • Eloïse


    A girl is in the hospital, in a coma, with her mother and her boyfriend. Little by little the events that led the girl to such a situation will be discovered. The girl had met Eloise, a girl who will make her discover…

  • Secretary

    Mapa para conversar

    A willful woman, her conservative mother and her beautiful girlfriend specialized in the world of porn will go on a sailing trip. A story about the eternal search to be recognized as we are or how we want to be seen.

  • About Cherry

    About Cherry

    An attractive 18-year-old girl has a photo shoot for money. With the profits she decides to go to San Francisco where she immerses herself in a world of glamour, parties and drugs, while getting into porn.

  • Todo el mundo tiene a alguien menos yo

    Everybody’s Got Somebody… Not Me

    A story of a woman who meets a young woman and they fall in love with each other. However the woman will try to turn her into a mirror of herself, while her young lover is a curious teenager and wants to keep discovering things.

I hope you liked my ranking of the best lesbian movies. If I’ve left any out, comment below.

Ranking of the best erotic lesbian films

  • La doncella (The handmaiden)

    1. The Handmaiden, 2016

    A young woman is hired as a maid and will maintain a torrid relationship with the woman of the house. The plots and subplots will be intense, as will the erotic scenes. One of the best erotic lesbian movies.

  • La vida de Adele

    2. Blue Is the Warmest Colour, 2013

    A 15-year-old girl begins to discover her sexuality. However, she is not like other girls: she likes girls. She will meet a blue-haired girl with whom she will have a personal relationship.

  • Lazos ardientes

    3. Bound, 1996

    A mobster’s girlfriend meets a lesbian neighbor who has just been released from prison. Between the two of them a passion will be born and they will not be able to control it. It is one of the best erotic lesbian movies.

  • Shortbus

    4. Shortbus, 2006

    In New York, several people meet in a polysexual club. There are three stories: a therapist who has never had an orgasm, a sadomasochist who wants to have a family and a homosexual couple.

  • Joven y alocada

    5. Young & Wild, 2012

    A 17-year-old girl lives her sexuality despite belonging to an evangelist family. She is bisexual and tells her adventures in a blog. It is one of the best erotic lesbian films.

  • Historia de Piera

    6. The Story of Piera, 1983

    An Italian girl, with no moral principles, is highly criticized by her neighbors. As a child she accompanied her mother on her dates with men. She will start an incestuous relationship with her own daughter.

  • Habitación en Roma

    7. Room in Rome, 2010

    Two women meet in Rome and decide to spend a few hours together in a hotel room. Between the two women a new feeling will be born. It is one of the best erotic lesbian movies.

  • Henry y June (El diario íntimo de Anaïs Nin

    8. Henry & June, 1990

    It is about the love triangle between the writer Anaïs Nin and Henry Miller and his wife June. This story is based on Anaïs Nin’s autobiography and is one of the best erotic lesbian films.

  • Después del sexo

    9. After Sex, 2007

    Relationship comedy. Sex is used to examine the intimacy and vulnerability of 9 separate couples. It is a lesson in sex between women and another of the best erotic lesbian films.

  • Bilitis

    10. Bilitis

    Teenage girls discover their sexuality during a summer. A schoolgirl will flirt with boys, but will undoubtedly discover that she really enjoys girls. Another one of the great lesbian erotic movies.


Other of the best erotic lesbian films

  • Q (Desire)

    Desire, 2011

    A 20-year-old girl with a boyfriend, who has just lost her father, lets off steam by warming up her friends. She will be the center of desire, provoking and encouraging sporadic relationships…

  • Las películas de mi padre

    The Movies of my Father, 2007

    It was a very controversial film in Spain, since it insinuates child pornography. However, what is not insinuated is the torrid relationship between the protagonist and the girl who helps her watch her father’s movies.

  • Vis a vis

    Locked Up, 2015-2016

    A Spanish series centered on a women’s prison. The plot focuses on the inner conflicts, but among several prisoners there will be sexual relations… very morbid.

  • The L word

    The L Word, 2004-2009

    L in Spain, La palabra L in Latin America, is a series about the adventures and misadventures of a group of lesbians. If we talk about lesbians, you can’t miss this series.