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The best erotic movies with infidelity

The best erotic movies with infidelity

In this post we have prepared a ranking of the best erotic movies with infidelity. In this list we will find movies with good erotic scenes, but that take infidelity as the main theme within the drama that is lived.

Ranking of the best erotic movies with infidelity

  • El cartero siempre llama dos veces

    1. The Postman Always Rings Twice, 1981

    We are in the 1930s, in a restaurant lost in the middle of nowhere. In a restaurant lost in the middle of nowhere, a stranger arrives and is offered a job. A woman will help him decide…

  • Lunas de hiel

    2. Bitter Moon, 1992

    A couple takes a cruise. There they meet another couple. An older, handicapped man is married to a beautiful young woman, with whom he has a tortuous history of pain… which they will share.

  • Herida (Damage)

    3. Damage, 1992

    A respectable, mature and married man of Parliament meets his son’s fiancée and falls in love with her. Together they begin a dangerous adventure of love and sex. One of the great erotic films of infidelity.

  • Amantes

    4. Lovers, 1991

    A young man who has just finished his military service and decides to live in Madrid with his girlfriend Trini, but he meets Luisa. However, he has a relationship with the woman who rents the room where he sleeps.

  • La última seducción

    5. The Last Seduction, 1994

    A cold and calculating woman who runs away with 1 million dollars she had saved with her husband. In her escape she meets a man whom she manipulates to get rid of her husband. Another of the good erotic movies of unfaithful women.

  • Las oscuras primaveras

    6. The Osbcure Spring, 2014

    Igor and Pina have a clandestine relationship hidden from their lives. Igor is married to Flora. Pina is a divorced woman with a son. It is one of the best erotic movies with infidelity.

  • Giro al infierno

    7. U Turn, 1997

    A man has to make a stop in a village in the. There he meets a woman married to a mature and ungraceful man. Soon he is involved in a game of sex, money and betrayal.

  • El otro lado de la cama

    8. The Other Side of the Bed, 2002

    A couple have been living together for years and are friends with another couple who do not live together. Both couples will start a cross relationship in a game of music, betrayals and infidelities.

  • Atracción fatal

    9. Fatal Attraction, 1987

    A married man with a wife, daughter and a job. One day at a party he meets a woman with whom he has an affair. However, the lover does not accept being rejected and reacts with violence.

  • Y tu mamá también

    10. Y tu mamá también, 2001

    Two young guys and friends convince a woman, with a partner, to accompany them on a trip to a beautiful beach. It is one of the best erotic movies with infidelity or erotic cheating movies.


Other of the best erotic movies with infidelity

  • La pasión turca

    La pasión turca, 1994

    A married woman on a trip to Turkey has a very passionate sexual relationship with a Turkish man. She is so impressed by him that she decides to abandon everything for him… It is one of the best erotic movies with infidelity.

  • Eyes Wide Shut - Ojos bien cerrados

    Eyes Wide Shut, 1999

    A prestigious doctor married with two children. During a party they both flirt with other people and argue. She reveals to him that during the relationship she wished to be unfaithful. This confession will disturb him.

  • Cegados por el deseo (Closer)

    Closer, 1999

    A story of passions, love and sex. A boy is attracted to a woman older than him, but it doesn’t come to anything because he has a partner. It is another of the best erotic movies with infidelity.

Ranking de las mejores infidelidades del cine (con menos sexo)

  • Match Point

    1. Match Point

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers is a tennis teacher with limited economic resources who manages to enter the London high society and fall in love with Emily Mortimer. But he dates Scarlett Johansson. This one we add to the list of erotic movies about cheating women.

  • Infiel

    2. Unfaithful

    Richard Gere is happily married to Diane Lane. However, the woman has an affair with Olivier Martinez, a young and attractive book collector with whom she begins an adulterous relationship.

  • El cartero siempre llama dos veces

    3. The Postman Always Rings Twice

    Jack Nicholson is a drifter who arrives at a diner on a back road and decides to stay and work when he sees Jessica Lange, the owner’s attractive wife. It is undoubtedly one of the best infidelities in cinema.

  • La edad de la inocencia

    4. The Age of Innocence

    Daniel Day-Lewis is a New York high society gentleman engaged, but everything will change when he meets his cousin Michelle Pfeiffer, a countess outlawed by society. One of the best erotic films about adultery.

  • Intimidad

    5. Intimacy

    Kerry Fox and Mark Rylance are two strangers who meet exclusively to make love. The rules are not to ask about their lives, but little by little curiosity will invade the man.

  • Una proposición indecente

    6. Indecent Proposal

    Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson are a happy married couple in financial straits who travel to Las Vegas in search of a lucky break. There Robert Redford makes them an indecent proposal for a lot of money.

  • Secretary

    7. Sex, Lies and Videotape

    An unscrupulous lawyer is married to a serious and introverted woman and will have an affair with his wife’s extroverted and funny sister. In addition, his wife will get back in touch with an old friend.

  • Chloe

    8. Chloe

    Julianne Moore is an attractive, successful doctor who believes her husband, Liam Neeson, is cheating on her. She puts him to the test with the young and irresistible Chloe, Amanda Seyfried. But with her he will rediscover his sexuality.

  • Juegos secretos

    9. Secret Games

    A married man who goes to the park with his son every day, meets a married woman, who goes to the same park with her daughter. Between them will begin a special, secret and passionate relationship. One of the great unfaithful erotic movies.

  • Deseando amar

    10. In the Mood for Love

    In Hong Kong a couple goes to live in a building inhabited by people from Shanghai. There the husband meets a girl, also married. They spend a lot of time together and start a forbidden relationship.