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The best Spanish erotic films

The best Spanish erotic films

If you like Spanish cinema and erotic genre, I invite you to know the best Spanish erotic films. We have some movies that you probably knew, but others that you will discover. If you want to see more, access the list of Spanish erotic films or erotic films by country.

Ranking of the best Spanish erotic films

10. The Sex of Angels, 2011

The Sex of Angels

In this film by Xavier Villaverde we have a trio made up of Astrid Bergès-Frisbey, Álvaro Cervantes and Llorenç González who will break the taboos of love. It will leave no one indifferent. Great trio.

9. Idiot Love, 2005

Idiot Love

The director Ventura Pons is based on the novel by Lluis-Anton Baulenas to create this work starring Santi Millán and Cayetana Guillén Cuervo. A young man with an unfortunate life decides to get drunk to forget his sorrows.

8. El cónsul de Sodoma, 2009

El cónsul de Sodoma

Sigfrid Monleón presented this film to us in 2009 with Jordi Mollà and Bimba Bosé as the main characters. It tells the story of Jaime Gil de Biedma (1929-1990), one of the most influential poets of the 20th century.

7. The Turkish Passion, 1994

The Turkish Passion

Another great film by Vicente Aranda, based on the novel by Antonio Gala. A married woman (Ana Belén), travels to Istanbul where she will have very passionate relationships with the guide. It is one of the best Spanish erotic films.

6. Mentiras y gordas, 2009

Mentiras y gordas

Good sex and drugs movie, directed by Alfonso Albacete and David Menkes. But where the film stands out is in the cast, with many famous actors: Mario Casas, Ana de Armas, Yon Gonzalez, Hugo Silva, Ana Polvorosa …

5. Room in Rome, 2010

Room in Rome

Another film by master Julio Medem. Only four actors appear: Elena Anaya, Natasha Yarovenko, Enrico Lo Verso and Najwa Nimri, but it will be enough to overwhelm us with sensuality, inspired by the film In Bed.

4. Lovers, 1991


Good 1991 film directed by Vicente Aranda, with a great cast including Jorge Sanz, Victoria Abril and Maribel Verdú. In 1955 a young man settles in Madrid to live with his girlfriend, but he meets another girl…

3. Diary of a Sex Addict, 2008

Diary of a Sex Addict

2008 Spanish film presented by Christian Molina, based on the novel by sexologist Valérie Tasso and starring Belén Fabra as Val. A liberal woman is in constant search of sexuality.

2. Sex and Lucía, 2001

Sex and Lucía

In this film by Julio Medem not only does Paz Vega appear naked. Also a good story with good performances by Tristán Ulloa, Najwa Nimri, Daniel Freire, Javier Cámara and, my favorite, Elena Amaya.

1. Ages of Lulu, 1990

The Ages of Lulu

It’s Bigas Luna’s masterpiece. Lulú, based on the novel by Almudena Grandes and performed by Francesca Neri. We also have the appearance of Javier Bardem as a perverted homosexual. One of the best erotic films

Other of the best Spanish erotic films

A Tale of Ham and Passion, 1992

A Tale of Ham and Passion

Only few will be able to forget this Bigas Luna film, where Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem became known. Jordi Mollá also appears. A couple is broken by the appearance of a “macho ibérico”… One of the best Spanish erotic films.

Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!, 1990

Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!

I couldn’t miss this film by Pedro Almodóvar. Antonio Banderas and Victoria Abril (again), star in this drama where an impulsive young man decides to kidnap his old partner to reconquer it. It is one of the best Spanish erotic films.

Map of the Sounds of Tokyo, 2009

Map of the Sounds of Tokyo

Isabel Coixet presents this 2009 film in which a hired assassin (Rinko Kikuchi) has a relationship with the owner of a wine shop in Tokyo (Sergi López), who had to kill. Special mention to the exotic touch.

Bambola, 1996


Bigas Luna delights us with another of his best works with Valeria Marini and Jorge Perugorría. This time he mixes sex with food, and a lover just out of jail, for a story that will be loved and hates equally.

Susanna, 1996


We have Álex Casanovas, Eva Santolaria (Valle of Compañeros) and Said Amel as protagonists. We have a story by Antonio Chavarrías in which a young woman about to marry a Moroccan is reunited with an old lover.

Son de mar, 2001

Son de mar

Bigas Luna has given to discover talents like Penélope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Jordi Mollá… but they forget Leonor Watling who is great in this film. One of the best Spanish erotic films. They are good Spanish erotic films

All these erotic films in Spanish are originals from Spain. Access the links of each one, to see Spanish erotic films.