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The Devil in Miss Jones

The Devil in Miss Jones

The Devil in Miss Jones is a porn film directed by Gerard Damiano and starring Georgina Spelvin. It is about the extreme liberation of a forty-year-old woman who commits suicide when she is a virgin and is sent to hell in heaven… but the devil sends her to earth so that she knows pleasure.


  • Title: The Devil in Miss Jones
  • Year: 1973
  • Country: Estados Unidos
  • Length: 62 minutes
  • Director: Gerard Damiano
  • Cast: Georgina Spelvin, Gerard Damiano, Harry Reems, John Clemens, Judith Hamilton, Levi Richards, Marc Stevens, Sue Flaken
  • Genre: Porn, fantasy


This porn film with literal translation was translated into Spanish by El Diablo in Miss Jones or El Diablo and Miss Jones. It is a 70’s pornographic film. It is about a forty-year-old virgin who commits suicide. When she reaches heaven she is sent to Hell despite having led a straight life by suicide. Then the Devil sends her to the earth to know all kinds of pleasures, because heaven will not go anyway.

My opinion on the Devil in Miss Jones

Pornographic films don’t usually have a good storyline. In the case of this excellent porn film, to think of not being too complex, it does have its moral and it is even interesting. Without a doubt, it is a classic of pornography. One of those films that every film buff can’t miss. It’s a living history of cinema, even if it’s for adults. A must.