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At Sexual Eroticism Angelus is the main editor (along with Lilith) and is now in charge of
(along with Lilith) and now takes care of the email.

He is an expert on all things related to erotica and other topics.

He will help you if you are looking to publish erotic stories,
reviews of movies with high sexual content,
or any other erotic topic.
Also if you want to do any kind of business
related to the website.

Also for…

Do you want to be part of the project? We invite you to publish articles telling your sexual experiences, movie reviews or erotic products, which have not yet been done. In addition, if you do so, you will have exclusive discounts for the Sex Shop. Send your message asking for it.

Do you want to advertise in Erotismo Sexual? You can do it through sponsored posts, banners or any other type of advertising. Everything would be a matter of talking about it. And we have several associated websites. More information in the email.