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Celebrity women

In this article we will talk about naked celebrities. Magazine celebrities, who have been caught topless or appear in sensual reports. Some of them achieved fame through a sex scandal, on TV shows or being a couple of superstars. Others by standing out a lot. What is clear is that all of them are now the most famous faces in the world.

Kim Kardashian nude

Kim Kardashian desnuda

This celebrity, along with her sister Kourtney Kardashian, are two American public figures. Kim became known in thanks to a home video she recorded with her ex-partner, and ended up on the Internet. She has since become a media star.

Maisie Williams nude

Vídeo porno de Maisie Williams masturbándose

Maisie is the English actress who plays Arya Stark in Game of Thrones. She was already famous for this successful series, which is characterized by mixing eroticism and fantasy. But we could also see this young woman, before she became famous, having cybersex.

Halle Bailey nude

Halle Berry desnuda

She is a film actress and model, who starred in some of the latest blockbuster movies, such as Monster’s Ball. Just before she had starred in one of the most expensive nudes in film history, in the movie Operation Swordfish. It was in 2011 and since then she has become one of the most famous nude celebrities in the world.

Paris Hilton nude

Paris Hilton desnuda

This is one of the most famous women in the world. In her life she has done everything: film actress, singer, businesswoman, designer… But she’s a little crazy and never stops starring in sex scandals. She has been linked to stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Nick Carter, James Blunt? and many more. She also has a home video posted on the internet.

Belle Delphine nude

Belle Delphine desnuda

English model and influencer, became the most searched celebrity on the Internet during 2019. This was because she set herself a challenge on Instagram, in which she assured that if she reached a number of followers she would open an account on PornHub. He got the followers and opened the account, but did not upload porn. From then on he became a world-famous meme.

Jennifer López nude

Jennifer López desnuda

Another American girl, with origins in Puerto Rico, who is good for everything: singer, actress, designer, businesswoman, producer… everything. Never has a singer, who makes the leap to the movies, had so much repercussion. In addition, she has starred in some movies with racy scenes, which makes her another of the nude celebrities we have chosen.

Kylie Jenner nude

Kylie Jenner desnuda

Forbes magazine named her the youngest millionaire in the world. She is not lacking in beauty. She could also occupy a prominent position among the most beautiful women in the world. In addition, she often posts nude photos on her Instagram account, circumventing the censorship of the social network. Undoubtedly this practice brings her even more fame than she already had.

Nicki Minaj nude

Nicki Minaj desnuda

Another beauty who is able to sneak into PornHub’s most wanted women list without being a porn actress. Nicky is a famous music star from Trinidad and Tobago. Her fame has led her to become a naturalized American citizen and to become a nude celebrity.

Taylor Swift nude

Taylor Swift desnuda

Another world-famous woman, capable of standing out as an actress, singer, composer, producer…. And we also have her naked! This time she gets naked for the videoclip of her song Ready For It?, inspired by Ghost In The Shell. Undoubtedly one of the biggest sex icons in the world, who makes the dream of many fans come true.