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Sexual rankings and lists

In sexual rankings and lists we will find the best erotic tops. We talk about erotic movies, porn movies, as well as sex scandals and other sexual lists that may have an interest in the world of eroticism.

In erotic rankings and lists we have erotic tops of all topics. Enjoy each ranking and each list, as they are of very specific cases that you will surely enjoy watching them.

About celebrities

  • The divas of erotic cinema: Discover the actresses with the most erotic scenes of the cinema.
  • The most controversial celebrity kisses: Discover the biggest scandals on stage.
  • The sexiest celebrities: Do you like female beauty? Then you will enjoy the sexiest girls of each profession.
  • The most famous Spanish pornstars: On the contrary, click here if you prefer the pretty faces that are dedicated to porn in Spain.
  • The most famous porn actresses: Rather you want to see the women of porn worldwide.

Erotic movies

  • The best erotic movies with explicit sex: It’s hardcore in mainstream cinema.
  • The best erotic scenes: When the temperature rises in famous movies.
  • The best lesbian kisses in cinema: Many times the brushing of lips of two famous actresses can be more morbid than the best fuck.
  • The best erotic movie sagas: Maybe you prefer to follow movies with eroticism that continue.
  • The best erotic movies: Recreate yourself with the 50 best movies that expose sex as an art.
  • Erotic movies rated S: Additionally, years ago these types of movies were rated S and could be shown in theaters. But then the directors took advantage and bordered on pornography.
  • The best erotic movies by theme: Here you can choose from the most erotic movies with specific themes.

Erotic series

  • The best erotic series: Enjoy TV series with high voltage sexual scenes.
  • The current series with more sex: Let’s make a review for the series that we see in television and more hot scenes have.
  • The Spanish series with more sex: Maybe you prefer to see erotic scenes of Spanish series.
  • The erotic scenes of Game of Thrones: This mega-production has stood out for sexual scandals of its most controversial scenes.
  • The wild sex of True Blood: Fresh Blood is another series where sex abounds.
  • Sex in La casa de papel: Another great series with great erotic scenes.


  • The best porn websites: You can access all the porn for free.
  • Porn movies by years: Enjoy the X movies we have published on the web, sorted by years.
  • The biggest producers of X movies: What would pornography be without those big companies investing thousands and thousands of Euros?
  • Porn movies by categories: Enjoy porn sorted by themes.