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The best erotic scenes from Game of Thrones

The best erotic scenes from Game of Thrones

The best erotic scenes from Game of Thrones. The Game of Thrones series is one of the most watched in the world. Its main theme is fantasy and adventure. But among the dead, wars, conspiracies, betrayals, witches… There’s sex! Scenes as raw as they are controversial.

I invite you to enjoy the best erotic scenes from Game of Thrones. A whole collection of sexual and wild perversions that not everyone can enjoy.

Ranking of the best erotic scenes from Game of Thrones

10. Sadomasochism commissioned by a child

The best erotic scenes from Game of Thrones

The day we saw this scene we discovered how sadistic King Joffrey can be. In this scene Tyrion sends two prostitutes to his room and he orders them to whip each other.

9. Orgies with Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand

This couple is in love. They show their love by sleeping with men and women in round beds. These scenes could have been taken from a porn movie, but they are also one of the best erotic scenes of throne play.

8. Exhibitionism through the prison bars

Bronn was locked in a cell. Then Tyene Sand came in to show him his whole body and get him in tune… for when he gets out. A scene that was criticized for looking “forced”, but is one of the most wanted on the Internet.

7. A luxury prostitute for the dwarf Tyron

It should also be clarified that the prostitute is played by Sibel Kekilli, a porn actress. It was already known that she would play the leading role in morbid sex scenes and, therefore, she would have to stand out in that facet.

6. Theon Greyjoy’s strong sexual appetite

Theon Greyjoy’s scenes are numerous and racy. In fact, he’s the only actor who does a full-length nude. I was impressed by the scene where he gropes his sister while they are riding (but luckily I didn’t know that). But we got an even stronger one.

5. Sex in a cave between Jon Snow and Ygritte

Beautiful women hide in every corner of the 7 kingdoms. Tell that to Jon Snow when he discovered that among the savages there was a young woman with whom they shared a strong sexual attraction. Here it was consummated. And they also talk about their sexual adventures…

4. Wild sex between Melisandre and Stannis

In the middle of a meeting Melisandre sensually asks the attendees to leave her alone with Stannis. She will use sex to achieve her ends. She’s the sexiest witch in the Seven Kingdoms. And this is one of the best erotic scenes from Game of Thrones.

3. Ramsay Bolton’s rape of Sansa Stark

In this series they are also not cut to portray sexual taboos. This time Ramsay takes his wife, on the wedding night, in the most brutal way possible. She is a 14-year-old girl… Awesome!

2. Incest between Jaime and Cersei Lannister

Another taboo we can see is incest between Jaime and Cersei Lannister. Moreover, this perversion is not something that is spoken of in passing, but is part of the main plot. It was the event that triggered Bran Stark’s fall. And the scenes follow one another over several chapters, even leading to a rape. And just after his son died, as a result of incest… Incestuous rape on the son’s grave.

1. Hard sex behind Khal Drogo to Daenerys

And in first position of ranking the best erotic scenes from Game of Thrones we have the hard sex, and behind, from Khal Drogo to Daenerys. Also, the image of her with tears in her eyes is brutal. It gives this article its image. Although it is not the only hot scene of Daenerys, in fact it has some more that could enter this ranking. But with such a beautiful future queen… sexual excesses are bound to come. And in the video a compilation of sex scenes between the two actors.

Extra the best erotic scenes from Game of Thrones: Some curiosities

Here are some more curiosities about this fantasy series, which contains some of the most famous erotic scenes on TV.

The sex scene between Jon Snow and Daenerys

Jon Snow and Daenerys, the king of the north and the dragon queen, have a passionate sexual relationship. The funny thing about this is the revelation that Sam and Bran are doing at the same time. Revelation that I urge you to know, in the article above. Another perversion of screenwriters.

Maisie Williams does cyber sex

The best erotic scenes from Game of Thrones

The actress who plays Arja Stark can be seen in numerous Internet porn videos, but we highlight those of cyber sex.

Game of Thrones hires a real prostitute

Juego de Tronos contrata una prostituta real

Her name is Josephine Gillan, also known as Sophie O’Brien. She’s a red-headed prostitute from Littlefinger, Marei. She has some very morbid moments on the show, like when she’s taught to fake an orgasm. And these are the best erotic scenes from Game of Thrones.