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Famous naked Spanish women

Famous naked Spanish women

We have the most famous naked Spanish women. First of all I want to show you the last articles we have published about nudes in Spain. Most of the celebrities we see are women, of course, who are the ones who give beauty to this world

Naked Spanish celebrities in magazines and TV

We can get famous naked Spanish women in magazines and we can get famous naked Spanish women in magazines like Interviú or Primera línea, who pay them to do a report and take some artistic photos… but very sensual. They may also have been caught topless. Of course, many familiar faces have had to show their naked bodies due to the demands of a movie script and, increasingly, series. But the most intrepid ones are tested by the censorship in social networks, hanging their provocative and insinuating images. You can see all of them below, for one reason or another.

Belén Roca naked

Belén Roca desnuda

Another famous nude who’s not an actress. This girl became famous on the show Mujeres Hombres y Viceversa. Once there, she starred in a scandal when a naked photo of her was leaked on her Twitter account. According to her, her cell phone was stolen. But then she continued to strip in pictures… although of course, charging for it.

Oriana Marzoli nakedOriana

The former suitor and host of the famous Telecinco show, Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa, is still very active in the network. We saw her on Survivors and other reality shows. She herself considers her profession to be that of a television show host. And, of course, she has also exposed herself many times naked.

Penélope Cruz desnuda

Penélope Cruz desnuda

She’s the most famous Spanish actress of all time. She began her career in Spanish cinema with another great actor, Javier Bardem, with whom she shared erotic scenes. Then she made the leap to Hollywood, where she continued to do sexually charged scenes.

Pilar Rubio naked

Pilar Rubio

Pilar is one of the most beautiful famous women in Spain. But she also combines sensuality with fame, because her partner is Real Madrid’s captain Sergio Ramos. We’ve seen her on many programs and in all of them she comes out as the sexual icon that she is. But sometimes we have also seen her as one of the famous naked Spanish women, in magazines.

Victoria Abril naked

Victoria Abril desnuda

She’s been one of the most desired sexual icons of the ’90s. And she has left us with countless erotic movies or scenes with high tones that we can’t stop watching.

Cristina Pedroche naked

Cristina Pedroche se desnuda en San Valentín

Another woman who has become famous for appearing on TV shows is Cristina Pedroche. Not only that, but we have also seen her on series and even on the air. Always very sensual, let’s remember those transparent New Year’s Eve dresses and the spicy scenes she has shot. And even more so. This is one of those who gets naked on social networks, just to cause a stir among her fans.

María Valverde naked

María Valverde

We continue with a spectacular Spanish actress. She has one of the most beautiful faces, at least in Spain. She’s innocent, sensual, naughty. She has starred in many high profile scenes, some of them in Spanish series, others in movies. She made her debut in a film that talked about pederasty. And then she starred in one of the most daring Italian erotic films.

Elsa Pataky naked

Elsa Pataky desnuda

I still remember when I saw her for the first time: as Marcos’ hot teacher, in Los Serrano. Time has passed, but none of her sensuality has dropped. She’s still that explosive blonde that everyone wants to see naked. And we’ve been able to see it on a lot of occasions.

Amaia Salamanca naked

Amaia Salamanca desnuda

And we finish the review of the famous naked Spanish women with another spectacular blonde. Amaia is one of the most famous actresses in Spain. She starred in Sin tetas no hay paraíso, Gran Hotel, Velvet… Series that have remained in the memory of many people. And even more when she has made some scenes with high tones.