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Naked Spanish actresses

Naked Spanish actresses

It is becoming more and more common to see naked Spanish actresses. Whether by script requirements, in movies and increasingly in series, in tabloids or even in their social networks. Sexuality is a platform that today’s celebrities use to launch themselves to fame. That is why we will talk about some of them, who are highly desired in Spain and around the world.

Best Spanish actresses

Before we start with the nudes, we invite you to discover the most famous Spanish actresses. They are the pretty faces you can see in Spanish series and movies. Their angelic faces and the popularity they have will encourage you to see them without clothes in exciting erotic scenes they have shot throughout their careers.

Ester Expósito

Ester Expósito desnuda

This actress has become fashionable with the erotic scenes of Elite. She is the Marquesita, the same shy blonde who seems not to have broken a plate, but who keeps a sexual beast inside. She’s turned on by bad boys, who humiliate and abuse her. It’s a power play for her, as she always ends up taking control in the end. We also see her in Estoy vivo, as the slutty blonde who sleeps with Iago. Of course she doesn’t have as much prominence as Susana, who overshadows everything, but she has her morbidity. And we have seen her in La Resistencia.

Anna Castillo

Anna Castillo desnuda

She is Susana from Estoy vivo. But her sensuality comes from long ago, since she made a pack of nude photos, with Macarena García, to promote La llamada. She is also one of the exotic figures that appears in Arde Madrid, with those hot images that were made to promote in social networks. She doesn’t show herself naked there, but she insinuates a lot. And she also starred in one of the most important Spanish films of recent years: Viaje al cuarto de una madre. A very sensual figure, you will appreciate seeing her among the naked Spanish actresses that we have selected for you.

María Pedraza

María Pedraza desnuda

We return to Elite to talk about Marina, Guzman’s sister who died in the first season. Sorry for the spoiler! She made a name for herself on television by banging. First she banged Pol Monem in Amar. Then she hooked up with Tokio in Money Heist. And finally she became Samuel’s girlfriend, while cheating on him with her brother Nano. A very hot threesome, which was not the last one.

Úrsula Corberó

Úrsula Corberó desnuda

Tokio, whose lesbian kiss was mentioned above, is Úrsula Corberó. She played Ruth, Gorka’s girlfriend. Additionally, she let herself be sexually humiliated, with Cabano in front of her. And is one of the teenagers with raging hormones in Física o química, who had orgies after filming. She remained stuck in teenage roles, even in her thirties. Until she surprised us by changing roles to a wilder one: that of a vicious assassin in Money Heist. Rio’s girlfriend, making out with Jessica Parker (Maria Pedraza’s lesbian kiss), fooling around with Denver and provoking Gandia’s hitman. Anyone else?

Blanca Suárez

Another naked Spanish actress is Blanca Suarez. She became known in: The Boarding School and The Boat. In the second one as Mario Casas’ girlfriend. Then they filmed together again, and with scenes without clothes (hence the photo above) in Neon Flesh Extra. Finally they consolidated their relationship, and she became one of the most desired women in Spain. But her fame is not only due to the couple, she has made important series such as Cable Girls or Lo que escondían sus ojos. And movies pointed to 10, as The Skin I Live in or The Bar. That is why it is very interesting to see her naked. We have her in sexual scenes and in photos, both in caught and magazine reports.

Amaia Salamanca

Amaia Salamanca desnuda

Another one of Cable Girls. This time we are talking about the blonde we are tired of seeing in SMS, Sin tetas no hay paraíso, Gran Hotel, Velvet… and so many other series. When it comes to movies, her resume does not falter either: Brain Drain, Unresolved Sexual Tension, XP3D… Undoubtedly Amaia is one of the best known faces in Spain. And this means that, due to the demands of the script, she has to undress. This happens, for example, in the series Morocco: Love in Time of War.

Penélope Cruz

Penélope Cruz desnuda

Penélope is one of the Spanish actresses with the greatest international projection. But not everything has been a bed of roses. In her beginnings in acting she agreed to undress in some of the best erotic Spanish films, often with Javier Bardem. Therefore, we are in front of one of the most famous naked Spanish actresses.

Some of the most famous nude Spanish actresses…

We see the most famous Spanish actresses, in an essential selection. Access your favorite girl to know the erotic articles we have published about each one. They are the sexiest, most desired women in Spain. And, therefore, you will be interested to know about the related eroticism we have talked about them.

Actrices españolas desnudas más sexys

Berta Vázquez | Ana de armas | Clara Lago | Esmeralda MoyaOf course there are many more, below you can see a good list, with many links to their articles with photos. All of them are beautiful women who have starred in hardcore scenes. They have an extraordinary capacity for acting, but at the same time they don’t mind appearing naked and in sexual scenes, if the role requires it. In addition, many Spanish directors look for muses to exhibit them sexually, such as Bigas Luna, or without going any further, Pedro Almodóvar.