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The Dreamers

The Dreamers

The Dreamers of Bertolucci is a memorable 2003, set in Paris in 1968. Mathew (Michael Pitt) is a young American who travels to study and makes friends with two brothers: Isabelle (Eva Green) and Theo (Louis Garrel). They will have a torrid relationship to 3, in one of the best erotic films.

Argument of the film The Dreamers

In 1968 Mathew found himself in Paris as an exchange student. During a demonstration he met Isabelle and Theo, two brothers who immediately invited him to dinner. The three were united by their passion for cinema and soon became inseparable. As Isabelle and Theo’s parents leave on a trip, Mathew is invited to spend a few days with the brothers. Then he discovers that they are Siamese and have an incestuous relationship… While the French university revolution of 1068 breaks out.

My opinion about The Dreamers

The truth is that I saw it several years ago and it made a better impression on me than it does now. I think that as an erotic film it leaves a lot to be seseared and, as a drama, it’s a bit strange. Brothers are too rare and Mathew is the only one I end up liking. On a positive note, his devotion to cinema leads us on a journey back in time to the main films of history. And an ending… worthy of a historical film.

Review of The Dreamers

The Dreamers of Bertolucci is a great movie and great setting. In May 1968 there were dreamers who thought that another world was possible. That’s why there was the student revolution. Bertolucci surprises with a fabulous homage to classic cinema: Luces de la Ciudad, La Parada de los Monstruos, Al Final de la Escapada… All this display of classic cinema is carried out by the sexual games of the three young people, who sign very fresh and sensual scenes. Eva Green is beautiful and gives light to the film, she walks almost 120 minutes naked, making the spectators fall in love with her interpretations of the classics. But there are also critics who consider it to be filling a film without meaning, which does not invite reflection as one might think by the title: The Dreamers.


The conclusion of The Dreamers

It seems that the representations of classic films are very playful, but I personally think that they don’t go very well with sensuality. Maybe Mathew’s incest and surprise in Bertolucci’s The Dreamers cover the fantasies of many. Or maybe you like the atmosphere of revolution lived from a distance in a flat turned into Sodom and Gomorrah. Be that as it may, here I have commented on its positive points, as well as its negative ones, and let each one decide for himself. In addition, I invite you to leave your comment below, as my opinion is not unanimous.