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Night Trips

Night Trips

Andrew Blake’s Night Trips is a 1989 porn movie. It was considered by AVN Awards (considered the “Porn Oscars” awarded by AVN magazine) to be the best adult film of all time. In our list of the best porn movies is the 5th. It’s one of the best porn movies.

Porn movie fact sheet

  • Night TripsOriginal title: Night Trips
  • Age: 1989
  • Country: United States
  • Duration: 74 minutes
  • Film director: Andrew Blake
  • film script: Susan Phillips, Andrew Blake
  • Cast: Tori Welles, Porsche Lynn, Randy Spears, Victoria Paris, Peter North, Ray Victory, Jamie Summers, Tanya deVries, Marc De Bruin

Andrew Blake’s Night Trips: A Porn Classic

It’s been many years since Andrew Blake’s Night Trips came out. He did it in 1989 by revolutionizing the adult industry. That work contains all the ingredients of an adult film: explicit sex, orgies, trios, lesbians, dildos… And all this with stylized images, in the style of videoclips. It caused a lot of sensation when it was released.

Andrew Blake’s Night Trips Awards

In 1990 Night Trips won the AVN magazine awards, considered the “Porn Oscar”, Best Photography and first place in the 101 adult films of all time. Also in the X-Rated Critics Organization gave him a place in the hall of fame of porn, along with other films such as Behind the Green Door or the aforementioned Deep Throat. And apart from all this he also won a silver medal at the Houston Film Festival, being the first of its kind.

Night Trips

A 1989 porn film… with a plot

The truth is that although porn films are not usually considered to have an argument, they usually do, even if they are not very developed. In the case of Andrew Blake’s Night Trips, he recounts the erotic dreams of a woman incapable of experiencing pleasure. This is a subject that is usually resorted to. Let’s remember that in Deep Throat, the same thing happened to the protagonist, until she went to the doctor and told him that she had the G-spot at the bottom of her throat.

Night Trips

Andrew Balke’s Night Trips has its own remake

However, the years have passed and the director, Andrew Blake, is still in good shape. So he decided to create a new version in 2009. It’s called Night Trips: a dark odyssey (pictured above). On this occasion the Brazilian Paola Rey plays the lead role played by Tori Wells, 20 years earlier. The rest of the cast is the best possible, to try to improve the original film. To do this, the director has adapted the main plot, to adapt it to the modern times of today. It has finally become a murky sex story, with good results.