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The best erotic movies about swinging couples

The best erotic movies about swinging couples

If you like erotic movies and you are curious about liberal couples, I invite you to enjoy the best erotic movies about swinging couples. You will find a ranking of the best movies of this theme and below, all the ones we have published. Enjoy it!

The 10 best erotic movies about swingers couples

A selection of swinger movies, where we find threesomes, couple exchanges and everything related to the liberal world. They are the best swingers movies or swinging couples movies, as you prefer to call it.

10. Diary of a Nymphomaniac open the ranking of the best erotic movies about swingers couples

Val is a 28 year old woman very open sexually. She will have sex with strangers compulsively. But when she gets a partner, he will prostitute her for money. And she will accept, even if she has to do it with older men.

9. Emmanuelle


A young married woman still has a lot to discover in sex. Her husband encourages her to achieve the perfect climax. She finally accepts. And she will discover a whole world of pleasures that she will find impossible to resist. One of the best swinger movies.

8. Love

An erotic movie that has it all: threesomes, lesbians, orgies… and among all this sex party we also find a couple visiting a club for liberal couples. Of course, no explicit images are spared. It’s a great swingers movie, with some almost swinger porn scenes.

7. Affairs

Two couples meet one weekend to make a couple exchange. However, the friction will bring out internal conflicts. It is the most dramatic side of the swinger world. Here we have one of the great swinger movies.

6. Animal instincts

Instinto animal

A married woman starts meeting other men to have sex while her husband films them. She demonstrates an insatiable sexual appetite and her partner will do everything in his hand to try to satisfy it.

5. 2 + 2

A couple meets another couple for dinner and tells them they have a secret: they are swingers. Then the other couple will be curious to know this world and will end up trying it. Along the way there will be jealousy, discussions… and all kinds of problems. From the good erotic swingers movies.

4. Bitter Moon

Lunas de hiel

Two couples meet on a cruise. One man tells the other the story of his relationship with his wife, getting horny. He also invites him to sleep with her because he has become handicapped and cannot satisfy her. One of the great swingers movies.

3. Henry and June

Henry y June

The writer Anaïs Nim maintains a love triangle with Henry Miller and his wife June Miller. A story full of passion, three-way, even though they are all married. There will be infidelity and consent. It is one of the best erotic movies about swinging couples.

2. Swung


A man, with a partner, has impotence problems. But everything is solved when he discovers that he is excited by looking at other couples. In this way the couple is initiated in the swinger world. But the problems they have will not be solved by having sex with other couples.

1. Wild Sex takes the first place of the best erotic movies about swinging couples

Sexo salvaje

This is a very well documented film about liberal sex in Puerto Rico. A couple with problems will try to solve them in this world of libertinism. They will experience, to the fullest, the sensations of having sex with other people in a consensual way. This is the best erotic swinger movie, or the best swinger movie.

A bonus among the best erotic movies about swinging couples: Palm Swings

Palm Swings

Finally I wanted to mention this movie, which one of our visitors has recommended to us in the comments of this ranking. The truth is that I have seen it and enjoyed it a lot. This is not the typical erotic movie, where there is free sex. Here we talk about the morbidity of the swinger world, but also about the feelings and emotions that it provokes in a new couple. A totally recommendable film.

And so far this is our ranking of the best erotic movies about swingers couples. If you think we have left out any, I invite you to comment below. I promise to take it in consideration.