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The best french erotic films

The best french erotic films

If you like French cinema and erotic genre, I invite you to know the best French erotic films. We have some films that you probably knew, but others that you will discover. We also talk a little about each of them. Don’t miss our ranking of the best French erotic films.

Before starting with the ranking of the best French erotic films I would like to make a brief comment. The image on the right corresponds to French actress Emmanuelle Béart, who starred in a series of spots to present a collection of erotic lingerie from H&M Red Room. A campaign described as light porn. Let’s remember that this actress has already starred in films of the genre such as: Primeros deseos (1984), En la boca no (1991), Nathalie X (2003)… and many high-pitched scenes. It is therefore one of the biggest sexual icons in France.

Ranking of the best French erotic films

  • Blue Is the Warmest Color

    1. Blue Is the Warmest Color, 2013

    2013 French film based on Julie Maroh’s novel. It tells the story of a young woman who does not feel identified with teenagers her age and will try to find their sexuality. It is the best French erotic film.

  • 2. Emmanuelle, 1974

    Erotic film of 1974 directed by Just Jaeckin and starring Sylvia Kristel. A recently married young woman is encouraged by her husband to start having sex and to discover the pleasures of the flesh, in order to materialise her sexual fantasies.

  • 3. Bitter Moon, 1992

    Hugh Grant and Kristin Scott-Thomas make a cruise to celebrate the seventh year of their marriage. On board they meet a strange couple, Emmanuelle Seigner and Peter Coyote. The handicapped husband proposes to seduce his wife.

  • Joven y bonita

    4. Young & Beautiful, 2013

    The director and scriptwriter was François Ozon, with Marine Vacth as the main character. A 17-year-old girl becomes a luxury prostitute behind her family’s back, on a journey of sexual self-discovery.

  • Herida

    5. Damage, 1992

    This is a dangerous story of love and sex, as a man has an affair with his son’s fiancée. However, the interests of both will not coincide and will present us with a relationship full of drama.

  • El amante

    6. L’amant, 1992

    In colonial Vietnam in 1929 a young French woman, Jane March, seduces a handsome Chinese merchant. However, the age difference and the tensions between the races pose serious problems for both.

  • El desconocido de al lago

    7. Stranger by the Lake, 2013

    French film from 2013, with a gay theme, where a group of swimmers spend the summer entering a lake. The high voltage scenes are located in the lake itself or in the forest next door. In short: Crusing, love and death. From the best French erotic films.

  • Lila dice

    8. Lila dit ça, 2004

    Lila, played by Vahina Giocante, is a 16-year-old girl with innocent eyes and angelic beauty, who drives boys crazy with her overwhelming sensuality and liberal mind. It is one of the best French erotic films.

  • Betty Blue (37.2 le matin)

    9. Betty Blue (37.2 le matin), 1986

    This film recounts the encounters between a mentally unstable young woman and a working man. The two end up together, but fate approaches them with nothing they can do.

  • La comilona

    10. La grande bouffe, 1973

    Four friends decide to commit suicide in a mansion by eating as much as the body can bear. But to gluttony will be added another capital sin: lust. Because prostitutes will begin to enter and mix with the food.

Other of the best French erotic films

  • Gotas de agua sobre piedras calientes

    Gouttes d’eau sur pierres brûlantes, 2000

    A film directed by François Ozon and starring Bernard Giraudeau and Ludivine Sagnier, in which a 50-year-old seduces a 19-year-old girl in Germany in the 1970s. One of the best French erotic films.

  • Pasiones secretas

    Choses secrètes, 2002

    A young woman is dismissed from the striptease where she worked as a waitress, together with a waitress. Both will become friends and share confidences. Even one of them will teach the other to use her sexuality…

  • Fóllame

    Baise-Moi, 2000

    This film is about sexual abuse, crime, prostitution and sex. Two young men marked by a violent destiny unite in a wild journey marked by sex and violence. Explicit sex that was screened in commercial theatres.

  • Historia de la O

    Histoire d’O, 1975

    A beautiful photographer and her lover go to a castle where she will be their sex slave. Then she will meet her brother with whom she will continue her learning process in submission, going through all kinds of sexual perversions.

  • Irreversible

    Irreversible, 2002

    It is a film told in reverse chronological order, it contains a scene of explicit sex in an explicit violation. In addition, the protagonist is Monica Bellucci, the Italian model and actress. One of the best erotic scenes.

  • Romance X

    Romance X, 1999

    1999 French film. Marie is a girl dissatisfied by her partner. With the intention of reactivating her relationship, she throws herself into the arms of an Italian stallion and a mature domination enthusiast. Explicit sex in commercial theatres.

  • Cuentos inmorales

    Contes immoraux, 1974

    Four erotic stories, set in different historical periods. A student and her cousin are isolated on a deserted island. A young woman locked in her room wants to reach ecstasy. A duchess…

  • Intimidad

    Intimacy, 2001

    Two unknown people have furtive encounters with the sole intention of having sexual relations. Soon the simple relationship will become more complex, as feelings, drama and curiosities come into play.

  • Ese oscuro objeto del deseo

    Cet obscur objet du désir, 1977

    On a train journey a man tells his travelling companions his love story with a dancer. The young woman plays with her lover to the point of making him move from desire to frustration and from love to hate.

  • No nos libres del mal

    Don’t Deliver Us from Evil, 1971

    Two teenage girls tired of their Catholic school decide to reveal themselves doing as much damage as possible. From then on they will do all the evil possible using their best weapons: lies and seduction. One of the great French erotic films.

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