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The best Mexican erotic movies

The best Mexican erotic movies

Mexico is a country that has always given a lot of erotic movies. Let’s see the ranking of the top 10, with some suggestions and a list of other good erotic movies we have found from this country. Don’t miss our ranking of the best Mexican erotic movies.

Before starting with the best Mexican erotic movies we can say that Mexico along with the United States, Spain, France and Italy, are the countries that have made the most contribution to erotic cinema, and proof of this is the long list of Mexican erotic movies that exist. Some of them are Mexican porn movies. Don’t miss the ranking of the best Mexican erotic movies and the suggestions below.

Ranking of the best Mexican erotic films

  • The best Mexican erotic movies

    1. And Your Mother Too, 2001

    It will undoubtedly be remembered for the trio played by the main characters. Let’s remember that they are none other than Diego Luna (Elysium, 2013), Gael García Bernal (Babel, 2006) and Maribel Verdú (Pan’s Labyrinth, 2006).

  • La viuda negra

    2. The Black Widow, 1977

    A woman who has lived all her life in a convent arrives in a town overwhelmed by sin. The woman will succumb to temptation with different lovers. Isela Vega (the protagonist) has received numerous awards.

  • La tarea

    3. Homework, 1991

    Virginia (María Rojo) is expecting a visit from her lover, whom she hasn’t seen in 4 long years. Among the preparations she hides a video camera turned on to do the homework required by the film school. One of the best Mexican erotic films.

  • The best Mexican erotic movies

    4. Daniel & Ana, 2009

    Two brothers, who are 16 and 23 years old, have a good relationship. One of them is getting married. But one day they are both kidnapped and forced to have sex, videotaped. Since then their lives change.

  • Sexo, pudor y lágrimas

    5. Sex, Shame & Tears, 1999

    6 young people, 3 boys and 3 girls, search for love in an odyssey of infidelity, promiscuity, continence, desires, rejections… It is one of the best Mexican erotic films.

  • Anoche soñé contigo

    6. Dreaming about you, 1991

    Two young men spend the summer spying on Chabela, the maid of a nearby house. However, one of them will receive in his own house the visit of an attractive woman who will change his life forever.

  • The best Mexican erotic movies

    7. Battle in Heaven, 2005. Another of the best Mexican erotic movies

    It is a violent story of sex and power. A couple of people kidnap the son of a military man, but he dies accidentally. The man collapses and ends up confessing to a prostitute, who ends up going down with him on a journey…

  • Año bisiesto

    8. Leap Year, 2010

    A girl lives alone in an apartment, works as a collaborator in a publishing house, receives visits from her younger brother and has fleeting sexual encounters with one-night stands.

  • Deseo

    7. Shame, 2011

    It all starts with a sporadic relationship between a prostitute, a young man and a sailor. From then on, all kinds of sexual encounters between people from different social classes will take place.

  • La virgen de la lujuria

    10. The Virgin of Lust, 2002

    In Mexico in the 1940s, a quiet and lonely waiter meets Lola (Ariadna Gil), a Spanish prostitute. A sadomasochistic relationship breaks out between them. The waiter will do anything for his love…


Other of the best Mexican erotic movies

  • Las oscuras primaveras

    The Obscure Spring, 2014

    A couple deeply desire each other, but they are not unattached: she has a son and he has a wife. However, when spring bursts into their lives they will have time for each other… with passion and guilt.

  • The best Mexican erotic movies

    The Crying of the Turtle, 1975

    A group of women and men decide to meet in Acapulco to drink and share experiences. There will be insults, lies, secrets… and even sexual games for a libertine evening.

  • Eros una vez María

    Eros una vez María, 2007

    A man loses Maria and will tirelessly try to find the essence of his beloved in other women. All these women have one thing in common: they are also named Maria. This is one of the best Mexican erotic films.

  • Eros una vez María, 2009

    A man is very happy with his girlfriend, until one day another provocative young woman crosses his way. He will have an affair with her, leaving her pregnant and will have to take care of his future child.

  • The best Mexican erotic movies

    The Blue Room, 2002

    A married couple, after a long stay in Mexico City, decide to return to his parents. But there the man will meet an old love and passions will return, as when they were teenagers.


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